Maker's manifesto

Makers are a special breed. I personally believe that everyone is a maker in one way or another.

Focusing on craftspeople and on artists, Makerviews explores and shares the relationship between these makers and their chosen crafts, their individual and unique journeys, recommendations, and processes.

There is this infinite, this "x" of what "being a maker" means, and of this relationship between craftsperson and craft.

It really is personal and different for each individual maker, yet these things consistently reappear:

Makers often do not accept the status quo.

— Consume less, create more

Makers do ensure quality, consistency, and take pride in their work.

—Well-made, high-quality, attentive to every, single detail

Makers don't do well in a factory.

—Sawdust-filled garages, basements, and sheds best suit us

Makers thrive on shaping their craft while burning the midnight oil.

—Consistently creating yourself and your passions

Makers are made, not produced.

—Spun from a unique web, creating your own circumstances

What is meant by "made, not produced"?

Simply that makers create their own destinies. And the fact that these individuals, these artists, these creatives deemed "makers" or any of the prior descriptors, truly make shit happen. Go-getters. Doers.

Makers are not simply produced or carved out of stone, they're made through a series of unique challenges, discoveries, evolving processes and events.

Make things.