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The Stories

In the full-length pieces on Makerviews, see into the maker's processes, journeys, high and low points, and more. I spend time with each maker, interviewing and putting together written + visual pieces that focus on sharing their unique stories.

Montgomery Distillery

Ryan Montgomery, Montgomery Distillery

Montgomery Distillery - grain, water, and spirit.

Published on April 16, 2018

Pinch Flat mfg.

Jeremy Haas, Pinch Flat mfg.

Pinch Flat mfg. - authentic, well-made, and thoughtful artisanship.

Published on March 11, 2018

The Miniviews series

This series profiles a wide variety of makers, asking these talented individuals two questions. That’s it, two questions. As makers, we all need to support each other in getting out there and making things. With that, brevity is key.

Check out some posts from the Miniviews series, providing insight from makers of all kind.

By makers, for all

Rooted in a deep love and appreciation of handmade, quality goods, I'm setting out to partner and collaborate with artisans and craftspeople, highlighting these makers through in-depth articles.

Makerviews explores and shares the relationship between these makers and their chosen crafts, their individual and unique journeys, recommendations, and processes.

Makerviews by Scott Mathson exists to share, inspire, and give access to a wide variety of makers and their chosen crafts...

"I'm still relatively young, and if I have to work 80 hour weeks for the next few years then that is what I'll do." — Chris Salomone

Other posts

Smith's Leather Balm

Maker brands with Smith's Leather Balm - all natural leather conditioner used to restore, preserve and protect fine leather goods.

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Sanborn Canoe Co.

Maker brands with Sanborn Canoe Co. - artisan, handmade canoes and painted paddles.

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