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3 recommended magazines and publications

A list of 3 authentic and high quality publications and magazines.

By Scott Mathson, Makerviews

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This post is about print publications - with a goal of showcasing publications, magazines, and organizations that are producing amazing content - these folks and crews are absolutely creators and makers themselves.

Inspiring, refreshing, and authentic are just a few of the characteristics of these publications showcased below.

1. Anxy magazine

Mental health is a topic that need be discussed more. No one should suffer in silence and no one should de-prioritize their mental health and wellbeing. Anxy magazine is transparent and 100% honest about this world and I’m personally thankful for them.

Anxy is a beautifully designed magazine about our inner worlds - the ones we often refuse to share, the personal struggles, the fears that fool us into believing that the rest of the world is normal and we’re not.

Nearly half of American adults develop a mental illness in their lifetime; depression affects 350 million people worldwide. Yet the struggle to be well is still a shameful secret so many of us lock away—despite the fact that it drives us.

Anxy is changing that.

Anxy magazine

Some of their story —

The crew behind this publication come to Anxy with an openness about their own personal baggage. “Occasionally, we can appreciate it - and even joke about it. But we’re just tired of pretending it doesn’t exist, and we’re committed to ripping the stigmas off our challenging emotions.”

Founder Indhira Rojas is creative director and principal at Anagraph and has has been working in branding, editorial, and design for over a decade. Read her founding story here: I’m Anxy — But I’m Not the Only One.

Anxy magazine’s issues are made possible by their group of loyal supporters and backers, be sure to check out their campaigns for new issues on Kickstarter.

Indhira Rojas, Anxy magazine

"Every day millions of seemingly ‘normal people’ suffer in silence... We would much rather bury our weaknesses, our fears, our struggles, and let them corrode us..." - Indhira Rojas

These issues are all centered around specific themes and Anxy draws on expertise and guidance from an inner circle of mental health professionals, advisers, and contributors. Issues come together in a collaborative effort of many talented individuals, freelancers, and experts.

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2. Offscreen magazine

At the intersection of technology, the web, and humans, comes Offscreen magazine. Their articles and interviews with talented individuals promote this human-centered, human-first approach in today’s fast-moving world and tech industry.

As a slow, thoughtful counterbalance to the fast-paced, buzzword-heavy tech coverage, Offscreen magazine and (amazing) newsletter explore innovative ideas through introspective writing and human stories.

It’s up to us to establish a framework of rules and principles that further technology‘s only true purpose: to advance humanity.

Offscreen magazine

Some of their story —

This publication is a one-man magazine and what a huge feat that is! Originally a web designer, Kai Brach launched the first issue of Offscreen in early 2012. Weary of the fast pace and the ephemeral nature of digital, after ten years of pushing pixels as a freelancer Kai decided to create something more tangible.

Based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, Kai hopes to reinvigorate printed magazines as a choice of media that provides a welcome break from our always-on lifestyle.

Kai Brach, Offscreen magazine

"Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about paper versus screens not as old versus new, but as different and complementary devices, each stimulating particular modes of thinking for particular times of our day." - Kai Brach

Humanity first, technology second. Offscreen is dedicated to promoting empathy and compassion by bringing to the forefront the human stories that are at the heart of every new technology. Meet the people - the faces behind the interfaces and hear their stories - Offscreen shows the unpolished, human side of success and failure.

3. Modern Huntsman

Whether or not you hunt, I’m sure you will glean value from the stories and vision of Modern Huntsman. A publication with a mission to improve the perception of hunting in society through telling honest stories in a fresh format.

Modern Huntsman is on a mission to change the story of the industry of hunting through purveying the industry’s essential storytellers, brands, destinations, and resources, displayed in a way that magnifies the beauty of this extraordinary lifestyle.

Modern Huntsman

Some of their story —

This publication was founded by three friends, one of which was an urban, Dallas city boy who had never hunted before (Brad Neathery), one of which was a rural entrepreneur who had grown up with a bow in hand (Elliott Hillock), and one of which was the definition of a modern huntsman, with a passion for conservation and maintaining a tradition of purity in the outdoors (Tyler Sharp).

These three had very little in common, but were each convicted by a shared vision - to create a new conversation that could forever change the industry of hunting.

They have accomplished their initial goal of releasing a printed volume of Modern Huntsman and through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the team is now sending out issues of their magazine across the globe. I can attest to not only the quality of the paper and magazine itself, but also to the content, the writing, the stories, and the photography.

Jillian Lukiwski, The Noisy Plume

"When I’m outside I learn a lot from a landscape by noticing things and asking WHY — engaging my logic and deductive skills — simply finding a question and then discovering the answer to it." - Jillian Lukiwski

With contributors like jewelry maker, silversmith, photographer, and writer Jillian Lukiwski, The Noisy Plume, this publication is carving their path and producing stories and content unmatched by any others in their space.

Print publications offer a mindful, authentic experience in the midst of this fast-moving, digital world. A well-made and thoughtful publication offers a break from our day-to-day, a time when we intentionally connect with and consume a physically-felt medium.

Beyond these publications, I highly recommend you check out others that are making print a priority. Print is not dead.

Certain text content and photos are via these publications.

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