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I'm a Maker Because...with Rose Le Veque

Rose Le Veque, Pottery Maker - Maker Miniviews series. These interviews are quick and to-the-point, check it out.

By Scott Mathson, Makerviews

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Miniviews series - No. 61 with Rose Le Veque

You’ve landed on the sixty-first installment of the Maker Miniviews (mini, two question interviews) series. Learn more about these maker interviews and view a list of all Miniviews.

Rose Le Veque is a third-generation potter and a mother who left her corporate job to show her kids that you can pursue your dreams to live a happier life. Rose apprenticed and learned pottery from her family, training with them in Montana, and has since opened her own studio at home in Arizona. This maker sells handmade, functional pottery that brings joy into the hands and homes of others.

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I'm a Maker Because...

Rose Le Veque photo

Rose Le Veque interview

What inspires you to keep making things?

"The people I surround myself with, my daughter, and knowing everyday that I am happy that I am able to do what I truly love."

What one piece of advice would you give to other makers?

"If you're just beginning don't give up. This is the hardest path you will ever take in your life, you will go through so many highs and lows and the hardest thing sometimes is to not give up. It's so much easier to live your life in someone else's dream, whether it's working a corporate job or living the 9 to 5 under someone else.

This is your chance! Be fearless! Be brave! And don't be afraid to say no. You've got this, but it won't be easy."

"You've got this, but it won't be easy..." — Rose Le Veque

Handmade ceramic mug pottery by Rose Le Veque

Follow Rose Le Veque’s work: Rose Le Veque websiteFacebookInstagram profile.


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"This is your chance! Be fearless! Be brave! And don't be afraid to say no..." - Rose Le Veque
Rose Le Veque maker interview

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