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Makerviews and Carbon Ads

Makerviews announcing its invitation to and addition of Carbon Ads.

By Scott Mathson, Makerviews

Makerviews exists to share the stories of and advice from a variety of talented makers, designers, and artists.

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Makerviews is excited to announce its invitation to Carbon Ads.

Valuing transparency, more of these Makerviews News and Updates posts will be published on-site. I’m writing today to announce that Makerviews has been invited to display ads from Carbon Ads, of BuySellAds, and is officially an approved publisher in their network.

The vision behind Makerviews is to create useful resources and content that connect, inspire, and promote each other’s stories and work. This project is solely run by myself, Scott Mathson and I am intentional, along every step of the way, in creating a brand with clean aesthetic. Thus, I am very selective of the types of advertising and promotions that are published onto this hand-coded site.

Carbon Ads was initially co-founded by makers, designers, and entrepreneurs Adelle Charles and Joshua Smibert and then eventually acquired by BuySellAds. They are a mindful advertising network - with a focus on respectfully displaying relevant ads on vetted publisher's sites. This was the most important decision-making factor for the Makerviews brand, as this relevancy and ethical, human-first design ethos is at the core.

"We focus on value instead of the "Click here! Click here!" ethos of other ad networks. Publishers in the Carbon network are hand-picked based on content quality and audience engagement, and we only work with advertisers that provide value to those audiences." - Carbon Ads

Makerviews has ultimately grown from my own passion of crafting - of sawdust, of guitar playing, of leather scraps, of code, and of a deep appreciation and respect for all creative folk.

I believe in promoting and partnering with companies and products that I personally support, can stand behind, and know will be of value to you, the makers and readers. I’m excited to be adding Carbon Ads to this lineup and do believe that this is a positive addition to Makerviews.

Unless viewing on a mobile devices, this site is now mindfully displaying relevant, industry-related ads in a non-intrusive, right sidebar throughout makerviews.com posts. Again, only on desktop/laptop and large tablet views, to start.

Thank you for reading this announcement. Stay in touch and be the first to know of new happenings, maker interviews, and more by signing up for the newsletter!

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Scott Mathson (@scottmathson) — Founder, Writer, Developer, Maker

Carbon Ads are displayed on the right sidebar of this page, when viewed on a desktop, laptop, or large tablet. How does it look? Feedback is appreciated, feel free to reach out to me personally with any feedback, concerns, or for any other reason! [email protected]

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