The Brands series

Highlighting brands, artisans, and craftspeople that create and make things they're damn proud of. And Makerviews thinks: rightfully so, makers, rightfully so. These hand-picked brands being profiled and featured are led by designers, makers, and artists who are bound to impress.

3 recommended magazines and publications

A list of 3 authentic and high quality publications and magazines - Anxy magazine, Offscreen magazine, and Modern Huntsman. Print publications offe...

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Smith's Leather Balm

Maker brands with Smith's Leather Balm - all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients that are rich in vitamins and naturally waterproofing. Former shoe...

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Sanborn Canoe Co.

During the Summer of 2009, two cousins started building a cedar strip canoe, unknowingly forming a bond and paving the path for what is now the ico...

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Wandering Bison candles

After buying my first Wandering Bison candle, I was hooked. These makers create very unique scents in their soy-based candles. Wandering Bison make...

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