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This Maker Recommends...with Ryan Savin

Ryan Savin on This Maker Recommends series. Tools, supplies, and behind-the-scenes from your favorite makers.

By Scott Mathson, Makerviews

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Ryan Savin of Little King Goods gives us a behind-the-scenes look into his shop and shares leathercraft tool recommendations. Ryan is a maker through and through - leatherworker, designer, and business owner, alongside video content producer, photographer, and far beyond. Learn more about how this maker gets the job done.

Learn more about this maker and see behind-the-scenes of Ryan’s workshop:

This Maker Recommends...

Ryan Savin tool recommendations

with Ryan Savin

Who are you and what do you make?

"My name is Ryan Savin and I am the owner and sole leather crafter at Little King Goods in Morriston, ON, Canada. I mostly craft everyday carry items catered towards men like wallets, belts, journals, and satchels (etc)."

Learn more about Ryan Savin in the Miniviews series maker interview, here.

What tools are always nearby?

Getting started in LEATHERCRAFT - Tools you will NEED:

What’s on your workbench that doesn’t exactly belong there?

"I can’t say that there is anything that doesn’t belong there. Maybe a bad attitude sometimes? haha"

What’s one tool you couldn’t do without? Why?

"Just one? Wow, that’s tough. I’d say...my Mighty Wonder 4-ton clicker. Not having to cut out the same shape every single time is so freeing. It allows me to focus more time in places where I need to. Also I’m going to cheat and add my Juki sewing machine. LIFE SAVER."

What are your favorite phone apps?

  1. Instagram
  2. VSCO
  3. Fuji Photo Receiver
  4. Youtube
  5. Bible
  6. Canada Post tracking app
  7. Quick link to my website
  8. Amazon app
  9. Shopify app

Thank you for reading this installment of the "This Maker Recommends..." tool and supply recommendations series with Ryan Savin. Do you have any experience with some of the leatherworking tools listed? Comment below or join in on the conversation on social media.

Bonus: Check out even more recommendations in Ryan's video that shows all of the tools/supplies listed above. Plus, he also recommends a lot of other leatherworking tools/supplies, including: Tandy Leather Eco-Weld Glue Adhesive, Acrylic Edge Dye Marker, Bone Folder, and Maine Thread products.

"Never take failure as a closed door. If we don’t fail we aren’t trying..." — Ryan Savin, Maker Miniviews series interview

Another interview with Ryan Savin

"Interview with Ryan James Savin of Little King Goods leather handmade goods out of Ontario, Canada. Leather worker, family man, photographer..."

More recommended tools by/for makers

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