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Maker Quotes 2019 - Motivational Quotes

Starting the New Year 2019 by sharing this list of motivational quotes from makers, designers, woodworkers, leatherworkers, and artists.

By Scott Mathson, Makerviews

Makerviews exists to share the stories of and advice from a variety of talented makers, designers, and artists.

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So many talented designers, woodworkers, artists, and makers shared their words with Makerviews over 2018. Connecting with these individuals and sharing their story is deeply rewarding.

To further inspire all makers for this New Year, Makerviews is excited to have put together this round-up of 2019 Maker Quotes. See advice and motivation given from 20 Makerviews interviewees - a continually growing list of over 70+ makers.

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20 Maker Quotes for 2019

Inspiration for Making + Advice for Makers

"There is so much to learn to create better products that people enjoy..." — Marvin Jobs

Marvin Jobs is a leatherworker. Owner of Cavalier Goods Co., a leather design studio making handmade wallets, journal covers, belts, and more....

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"Keep doing whatever sets your soul on fire..." — Jessica Brewer

Jessica Brewer is a jewelry maker and outdoorswoman - horseback riding, hunting, and fly fishing. The earrings Jess creates as Maiden Montana ...

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"Try new things everyday. Get out of your comfort zone and try whatever..." — Giaco Whatever

Giaco Whatever is a multi-faceted maker. YouTuber with projects hand-making tools, shop build-outs, and more. Creator behind Maker Knife, the ...

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"You will never make the perfect wallet, but after 100, you’ll get one you really like..." — Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff, founder of Popov Leather - a handmade leather goods co. making wallets, passport covers, coasters, hat patches, and more. Hear ho...

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"Get out in the shop, do it yourself, fail, then learn from those mistakes and keep on building." — Tamar Hannah

Tamar Hannah, founder of 3x3 Custom - woodworking and DIY plans and videos for furniture, home decor, and more. She is a Mother of 3, a design...

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"As soon as you think you are an expert it's game over. Always keep a beginners mind." — Nes Croft

Nes Croft - hip-hop musician, guitar player, software engineer, and maker! Check out the debut album 3rd House with lyrics highlighting travel...

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"Being a maker is empowering more than anything, it’s challenging and rewarding..." — David Roost

David Roost, founder of Roostmade Co. is a woodworker, digital designer, and creative entrepreneur. Roostmade sells organic wood finishes that...

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"The wonderful thing about the maker community is that whenever you feel stuck, there is someone ready to give a hand and point you in the right direction..." — Anne-Laure

Anne-Laure Le Cunff an entrepreneur, ex-Googler, and a neuroscience student. She is the founder of Ness Labs, is running Maker Mag, and is the...

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"Just say yes. If you don't know how to do something just say yes..." — Jason Hibbs

Jason Hibbs is a woodworker and owner of Bourbon Moth Woodworking. Custom, handmade furniture and wood decor products, alongside woodworking v...

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"Stay true to your roots and make sure you find a way to keep loving what you do..." — Bria Hammock

Bria Hammock is a designer, painter, artist, mother, business owner - a maker! Bria runs Go Slo - a Wyoming based apparel and lifestyle compan...

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"Dig in, stay in the trenches, and keep fighting..." — Caleb Wojcik

Caleb Wojcik runs DIY Video Guy, creating resources for filmmakers, videographers, and photographers. He also owns a studio, clients include: ...

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"Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they are just learning experiences..." — Sadie Mae John

Sadie Mae John is a DIYer and woodworker behind The Awesome Orange. This one-woman shop from Tempe, AZ creates custom home furniture/decor as ...

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"Making is more important than the affirmation we get from the things we make..." — Ben Stafford

Ben Stafford is an illustrator and designer who's creative process focuses on communicating complex ideas in a simple form. Select clients inc...

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"Don't hesitate. Just build it..." — Meghan Baker

Meghan Baker is a woodworker behind Sweet Aloha Designs. Creating custom built furniture and wood home decor with a farmhouse chic style, cont...

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"Start with the basics and work your way up to the advanced skills..." — Adam Beasley

Adam Beasley is a woodworker, DIYer, & business owner of Lazy Guy DIY. From woodworking tool review videos to DIY projects for home to home im...

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"Don't worry about the tools you have or don't have. Just start..." — Jenny Duke

Jenny Duke is woodworker and business owner who creates custom home decor items under the name Sacred Cinder. Jenny designs and builds amazing...

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"I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to change lives..." — Connie Chi

Interview with Connie Chi - a branding and design specialist and Founder/CEO of The Chi Group. Connie focuses on humanizing brands through uni...

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"Set a mini-goal, and make a plan to achieve it..." — Tanner Claridge

Interview with Tanner Claridge - designer and leather worker - Claridge Leather. Hand-stitched, handmade custom leather goods from NW Montana....

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"You have to immerse yourself in it. Do the work..." — David Stine

Interview with David Stine - a woodworker and craftsman, crafting furniture by hand with sustainably-harvested hardwoods. Raw materials that h...

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"Never take failure as a closed door. If we don’t fail we aren’t trying..." — Ryan Savin

Interview with Ryan James Savin of Little King Goods leather handmade goods out of Ontario, Canada. Leather worker, family man, photographer, ...

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Makerviews encourages you to take this advice and go into this New Year, making it your best yet. What projects have you already lined out? Are you staying true to your passion, your vision, and your mission? Above all, keep going (or get started!) — just make things!

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